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Gay Weddings

Updated: May 24, 2023

When I came out in 1983 I didn’t dare dream that I would ever be able to marry my wife!

But as the years passed society slowly changed, by 2005, after the fight for the age of

consent was won,  and the battle for gay women and men to be openly allowed to serve in the military in the UK was finally over, we got Civil Partnerships giving us as couples, similar, if not the same rights as heterosexuals, then in March 2014 in England we were finally given legal rights marry.

Slowly each year more and more countries have given us as a community, our rights to

marry, but the fight for every country in the world to offer gay marriage continues.

On a positive note I choose to marry my beautiful wife. We had a lavish affair, a civil

partnership by name, in 2011 converted in 2015 to marriage and back dated, on the licence,

to our real wedding date in 2011.

We pulled out all the stops 140 guests, wedding singers, speeches, bridesmaids, flowers,

my wife even insisted on chair covers much to my amazement.

Of course I wore a beautiful charcoal grey 3 piece. To accessorise I had a matching cravat

and a pocket square, accompanied by an engraved money clip, and a beautiful pair of

rainbow cufflinks. I gave the close members of my wedding party the same matching

accessories to tie in with our wedding theme colour of burgundy.

Now I tell you, running The Butch Clothing Company for the last 13 years I have realised that

weddings don’t have rules or take set paths, weddings are personal, they are part of the

couples identity, their chance to show the world who they are.

Some of my clients have married in hotels, on beaches, in fields or woodlands, abroad, had

a formal service then a church blessing, wed up a mountain, had a theme wedding, the list is

endless. That’s because it’s all about choice. And part of that choice is what each person

chooses to wear.

That’s where we come in, not every woman as we know, wants to wear a white wedding

dress. But it is always crucial we remain our authentic selves and for many of us that means

wearing a masculine style suit or even components of.

Now that could be a 3 piece suit, a two piece, a jacket with shorts or jeans, a waistcoat with

trousers, the combinations are endless. You can choose to accessorise with cravats or ties

or bow ties.

You can wear velvet or linen or tartan or tweed or traditional wool. It can be flamboyant in

colour, it can be traditional in greys or blacks or morning suits, you can wear a stunning

cream suit. Its about taking the things you love most about your own style & your colour

choices and creating a look for your big day in which you will feel a million dollars and in

garments that you will want to wear, in all their elements, again and again in all years ahead.

Now I am here to advise you on style, on colour, on fit, on anything you need. We can

decide your wedding theme colour would be great on the back of your waistcoat or we could

decide your cravat should match the bridesmaids’ dresses, or we can decide your shorts, if

that’s your choice, should match the converse trainers you ordered especially. You see what

I am saying, is when you are getting married there are no rules its simply about creating the

perfect look for your perfect day.


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