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The Process

We are at your service.  It's really that simple.

At The Butch Clothing Company, we understand that having a tailored garment can be a little overwhelming, especially for the first time customer.  So we are here to guide you through every stage.

Step 1: The Consultation

If you are based in the UK we will have a face to face consultation.  If you are overseas we will organise a virtual consultation via Skype.  Either way we can't wait to welcome you.

Get Ready

Bring your ideas, your pictures and any garments you may already have with the perfect fit.

We'll sit down together and discuss the vision you have for your bespoke garments.  Wether it's for the office, your big day or just to feel great every day.  We've got you covered.



It's time to get that tape measure out!

We'll take a set of around 25 measurements to build you perfect profile.  We'll use these to create your custom paper patterns.

These will be kept on file so we can make your next piece whenever you're ready.

Fabrics & Design


We have a wide range of quality fabrics and linings for you to explore. Take your time and we're here to help you if you need.


We'll start to design your garment together.  A collection of sample garments are on hand for you to reference.  So you can pick that perfect lapel, collar or cuff.  

Step 2: Construction

Now it's over to us.

Based on our discussions and meticulous measurements we create your custom paper patterns.

Your selected fabrics are carefully cut and your garment is hand stitched together.  We then add your custom detailing.

The garment then needs to pass through our 20+ inspection to meet our exacting standards.

Only once this is completed and passed do we add our label.

Step 3: Founder Review

Founder Shaz Riley inspects every garment created.

Every element of your garment is checked and re-checked to make sure everything is as it should be.

Once Shaz has given her seal of approval, you will receive a personal call with the good news and your First Fitting will be scheduled.

Step 4: First Fitting

Join us in Kent at our consultation rooms to try on your garments.  You can bring a friend along with you if you like.

Under the watchful eye of Shaz, you'll try on you garments for the first time.

We’ll note any alterations that need to be made so we can finish creating your bespoke clothing.

Fittings usually takes around 45 minutes.

Step 5: Second Fitting

We'll make all the alterations necessary before you come back for your second fitting.

You'll try on your garments again to make sure you are happy with everything.


Then it's time to take it home!

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