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What State of Independence have we?

Updated: May 24, 2023

Well it’s July!

Time all Americans celebrated 4th of July! With football and fireworks and vacation time!

So what’s my connection to the USA. Well personally I have lots of American friends, but

The Butch Clothing Company has a massive following in the USA.

For 13 years we have offered a unique process Stateside and generally across the globe, for

innovative Skype consultations.

This started in America, for us, back in 2009 when Curve, a lesbian lifestyle magazine, ran a

piece on the launch of our little company. It reflected our launch on to the scene as one of

the world’s only bespoke tailoring companies for gay women run and owned by a gay


It was a fabulous 2-page colour spread. This in itself sparked so much interest!

First of all, I was flying into the USA and holding pop up consultations. Which to be fair we

still do from time to time; I am actually considering the next face to face pop up in NYC in

November so if anyone is interested in that do let me know!

Anyway, I digress, 2009, with lots of potential American clients, I think to myself how am I

going to see them all?

Then all of a sudden, a real light bulb moment, Skype, a new video conferencing free service

that works the world over, with no time limits and no connection issues. Genius.

Now my next challenge was to set about creating a way of holding consultations equal in

quality to a face-to-face consultation.

I quickly formatted a definitive plan of how a Skype consultation would work and how similar

it could be to a consultation in person.

The biggest stumbling block appeared to be the measurement process; how could I create a

measurement profile that would equal the profile I would take when seeing clients face to

face. The answer was indeed simple, I would write a comprehensive fool proof measurement

profile sheet just like I use for face-to-face consultations and have the client’s partner, friend,

or family member measure them under my watchful eye. It proved extremely successful from

the get-go. It’s easy to show our great fabrics and style attributes and it’s as much fun for our

skype clients as it is in person.

So that has been our overseas story for the last 13 years.

The company remains niche, but we now have a global reach. Our Skype consultations

means we can reach any member of our LGBTQi + community that needs, loves & wants all that we offer.

It’s a perfect synergy.


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